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Is there a time for us?
Please let me know, cos I'd like to tell you something that i didn't dare before
Winter is almost gone and a blossom is searching its way into the light
and i will carry on until i reach my height
: you are the root and i am a blossom :

can you keep teaching me?
see, i learn as fast as i can from you (you) are my force, i admire what you do
the root is under the earth, and the blossom needs the water and i will take as much as i can from you you you cos
: you are the root and i am a blossom :

is there a place for us?
please let me know cos i'd like to show you a garden that we used to know, where
the blossoms are dancing in the wind and the roots are waiting for their fruits to come
and me too shy to tell you: t h a n k y o u


from ÄTNA, released April 28, 2017


all rights reserved



ÄTNA Dresden, Germany

We are Inéz and Demian.
We are ÄTNA.



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